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Frankie Flat Top Holiday Ornament

Frankie Flat Top - Monster Nutcracker Ornament Celebrating Diversity


Re-charge your Christmas with Frankie Flat Top! He’s got the parts to party and will keep you in stitches throughout the holidays. 

What’s up! It’s me, Frankie Flat Top. I see you noticed my big feet and flat head. My parts may not seem like they go together perfectly but I use them to my advantage. And since I’m full of electricity I power the party all night long. Let’s Rock!

Frankie Flat Top has had several major operations and is made up of lots of spare and replacement parts. He spends a lot of time in the hospital but keeps his chin up by staying upbeat and positive. For instance, his heavy lead feet are slow and stompy. But you know what? He uses them to his advantage! Nobody can stomp out a beat better than he can!

  • This ornament is artist-crafted and comes packaged in a full-color gift box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Each box is covered in unique art and features a bio introducing the character on the back.
  • Every Monster Cracker is hand-painted in bright durable colors to show exceptional detail. They make excellent gifts for yourself or someone you love, and will last for generations of holiday fun. 
  • Monster Crackers represent having the courage to be yourself when you feel a little different and don’t fit in with the normal crowd. They help make the holidays more inclusive and a lot more diverse.
  • The Wooden base of the ornament allows the figure to be stood on a flat surface as well as being hung on a tree. Every ornament features the Monster Cracker logo on the bottom, so you know it’s an official Monster Crackers product.
  • Wooden Christmas tree ornament is hand-crafted and measures apx 4-3/4" tall, While each ornament is made to the same specifications, individual ornaments will vary slightly. It’s cool though, because that makes them all one-of-a-kind!