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Mia Deusa Holiday Ornament

Mia Deusa - Monster Nutcracker Ornament Celebrating Diversity


Add Girl Power to your Christmas Tree with Mia Deusa! She’s a strong advocate for women’s rights that believes in being seen and heard to make sure everyone is treated equally.

‘Sup. It’s me, Mia Deusa! Unlike my great- great-grandmother, I won’t turn you to stone, but I can turn you out with some jams. Together with my snakes, The Serpentinas, we make a sssssuper sssssmahin’ girl group. SSSSing along when you’re in the mood….. Don’t get it twisssssted, SSSSisterhood is universsssal.

Mia Deusa is and activist and a leader. She’s the perfect gift to acknowledge the strong women in your life and to show your respect for the women around you.

  • This ornament is artist-crafted and comes packaged in a full-color gift box for easy gift giving, preservation and storage. Each box is covered in unique art and features a bio introducing the character on the back.
  • Every Monster Cracker is hand-painted in bright durable colors to show exceptional detail. They make excellent gifts for yourself or someone you love, and will last for generations of holiday fun. 
  • Monster Crackers represent having the courage to be yourself when you feel a little different and don’t fit in with the normal crowd. They help make the holidays more inclusive and a lot more diverse.
  • The Wooden base of the ornament allows the figure to be stood on a flat surface as well as being hung on a tree. Every ornament features the Monster Cracker logo on the bottom, so you know it’s an official Monster Crackers product.
  • Wooden Christmas tree ornament is hand-crafted and measures apx 4-3/4" tall, While each ornament is made to the same specifications, individual ornaments will vary slightly. It’s cool though, because that makes them all one-of-a-kind!